Contractors all Risks


From a small house to an apartment building to a mighty dam, civil engineering and construction can be a long process with a lot of exposure.

Our Contractors All-Risk Insurance Policy offers you a comprehensive solution that covers your site, sub-contractors and even your financiers, from unexpected problems and damages that may arise during a project. Policy extensions can be included on your request giving you the flexibility to customise your policy.

The following covers are offered by Inspac for the Contractors

  • Contractors All Risk (covering Material Damage, Principals Existing Property, Removal of Debris, Construction Plant and Equipment, Third Party Liability etc.)
  • Contractor Plant and Equipment
  • Contract Civil Works

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about  Contractors all risks insurance.

What is Contractors All Risk (CAR) Insurance?

CAR insurance is a type of insurance policy designed to cover risks associated with construction projects, including damage to the building or construction site, and third-party liability.

Who needs CAR insurance?

Any party involved in a construction project, including contractors, builders, and property developers, may need CAR insurance to protect their financial interests in the event of damage or loss.

What is the difference between CAR and Public Liability insurance?

CAR insurance covers risks associated with the construction project, while Public Liability insurance provides coverage for injuries or damages caused to third parties by the construction project.

What is the duration of CAR insurance coverage?

CAR insurance coverage usually lasts for the duration of the construction project, from the start of construction until completion.

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